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LEU is inspired by simplicity in order to produce functional ceramic pieces in small, limited-edition batches. 

Staying true to her personal aesthetic, Karina’s mission is to design each piece with a focus on minimalism while embracing the natural beauty of clay as a material.

The unglazed exterior aims to highlight the connection between the user and the ware and at the same time allows the history of use to mark each piece.

WOMEN came to life during an exploration of the material's ability to stretch and deform. 

Using the coiling method, Karina is fighting against gravity in order to balance the curved forms in the three dimensional world. 

"The first one I made, came to life without me having a conscious involvement in the process. 

Woman no.1 was made by me from the beginning to the end, but it almost felt like I wasn’t there.

Although my hands were wedging clay, making coils, placing them one on top of another, shaping the body, finishing the surface and so on, my rational brain wasn’t giving any orders. 

I feel like the creation of the first Woman was coming from a different place. 

It was connected with the women from the past that I carry with me. 

Because they say we carry the generations that lived before us through our consciousness. 

And I do carry with me those who sacrificed everything in order for me to have more freedom than they ever had. "

Portrait by @riveida

KARINA SMAGULOVA was born and raised in Greece. After studying architecture at the University of Patras and the Politecnico di Milano, she moved to London where she discovered her huge attraction to clay as a material.

Having always been in the creative field, her involvement with ceramics only changed the scale in which she would now work.

For the past few years she has been living and working as a ceramic artist in East London.